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On the projects page, you’ll find offerings from sustainable energy platforms across Europe: cooperatives, crowdfunding and others. Sort them according to your interests to find your preferred project(s). After you login, you learn even more about it.

Support a project

Now you have identified a project that interests you can choose to support it by simply clicking “support project”. You'll visit the hosting platform and start your enrolment process. There you can also get more in depth information about the investment on offer.

Share your experience

You have supported a project, contributing to the energy revolution – congrats! Easily let friends and colleagues know on social media. You may also comment on the project and rate your experience with the platform, helping other citizens join the Citizenergy community.


It's great to see Citizenergy be such a driving force, banding together the financing of sustainable energy projects across borders. This initiative is a great tool for people to find reliable projects they want to support.

Stefano Cruccu, Senior Project Manager, Solar Plaza