Citizenergy is thrilled to have the support of a number of very motivated individuals and organisations who are helping make us both better and better known!

Alexandre Filipe Matos Varela, Technical Director


The Energy Agency of Oporto, AdEPorto, aims to be a leader in energy sustainability at the municipal leve and beyond. In my work, I help promote innovation and good practice as well as inform community stakeholders – contributing to a more sustainable future through smart energy use. I see crowdfunding as a bond that can further unite stakeholders in sustainability projects.

Wola Zmian members believe that, together, people can make huge changes. We are engaged in promotion of community initiatives such as the introducution of participatory budgeting in Warsaw and led the adoption of the first local citizen’s resolution. We believe that independent, sustainable sources of energy are the future – also in Poland. Empowerment is our keyword.

Aneta Skubida, President of the Board

Wola Zmian

Bart Dooms, Venture Creation Manager


VITO is an independent research and technology organisation for cleantech and sustainable development, elaborating solutions for the large societal challenges of today. This includes sustainable energy. As Venture Creation manager it is my role to bring research ideas to a higher business level. In this role I have a good overview of the start-up ecosystem and funding possibilities to bring new ideas to market.

Working for Wind Europe, I am deeply engaged in promoting renewable energies. I am currently the coordinator of the WISE Power project, which looks into alternative ways of financing for wind power as well as strengthening local engagement with and support of wind energy projects. Community and cooperative funding are among the key financing models we investigate.

Dorina Iuga, Senior Project Manager


David Donnerer, Communication and Policy Officer

Energy Cities

Energy Cities is a European association of local authorities. Here I support advocacy work for sustainable, innovative financing schemes to fund local energy transition. Many of our member cities such as La Rochelle or Pamplona work closely with crowdfunding platforms or cooperatives such as Lumo (France) or SomEnergia (Spain).

I have dedicated the better part of the last 30 years to renewable energies, having been involved in a vast number hydropower, wind, PV and biomass projects. In 1991, I founded Ecopower, an energy cooperative that now boasts about 50,000 members, €50 million in equity and some 100 GWh of green electricity production, and currently serve as the president of

Dirk Vansintjan, President

Karsten Wenslaff, Founder

Institute of Communications for Social Media

Crowdfunding has long captivated me. I authored the first European and German Crowdfunding Surveys and have been nominated as a member of the European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum, an advisory body to the European Commission. Founder of the German Crowdfunding Network, I also serve as Secretary-General of the German Crowdfunding Association and am currently writing my PhD thesis on Civic Crowdfunding with the University of Hamburg.

I am passionate about crowdfunding, solar energy and especially the combination of these two topics. I was involved in on the first crowdfunded solar projects in the Netherlands and have also acted as a crowdfunding consultant. As business developer involved in the global PV industry, I specialise in the operational phase of PV assets.

Stefano Cruccu, Senior Project Manager

Solar Plaza

Thomas Maidonis, Project Manager

WIP Renewable Energies

An energy economist by background, I completed my post graduate studies in energy and environmental resource management and also have considerable experience on RES project financing. As a project manager, I have been involved in various EU projects dealing with a range of technical and non-technical energy related aspects. I currently coordinate the CrowdFundRES project on Crowdfunding for renewables.