Back in 2012, three Portuguese entrepreneurs had the idea to embark on a few solar power projects. To help finance these and future sustainable energy ideas, they had decided to create their county’s first crowdfunding platform. While the idea was solid, no legal framework for the creation of such a platform existed in Portugal at that time. The group thus began to look at other ways of getting sustainable energy projects funded.

Their research led them to talk with renewable energy cooperatives and crowdfunding platforms from across Europe, each with loads of enthusiasm and experience to share. While every one of these organisations was doing its part to finance the energy revolution in its own country, the entrepreneurs noticed that none of them were promoting much needed cross-border investment. Despite the legal tape, there just had to be a way to support the work of these organisations, bringing cooperatives and crowdfunding platforms together on an international level. The energy revolution, after all, should not and cannot be confined by national borders...

Citizenergy was born out of the motivation to promote the decentralised and democratic financing of a better energy future by supporting sustainable energy crowdfunding platforms and energy cooperatives.

Energy by the people and for the people – pure and simple.

Citizenergy, made possible by European Union funding, is the first platform to encourage cross-border investment in sustainable energy and the first to provide information on sustainable energy opportunities from both crowdfunding platforms and cooperatives. It reinforces the work of such organisations in financing renewable and energy efficiency projects, increasing their reach while promoting transparency. A sort of “Tripadvisor” of our sustainable energy landscape, Citizenergy is a valuable resource for individuals looking to get involved in the energy transition.