Four German platforms join forces with Citizenergy in 2017


Four German platforms for sustainable energy have become Featured Platforms on Citizenergy since the beginning of the year, thus joining the likes of other German platforms Green Crowding and Bettervest.

  • Fairzinsung, a platform for sustainable investments, concentrates on small investors interested in contributing to sustainability and the energy transition. Currently, the platform offers standard investments as well as crowdfunding.
  • Greenvesting focusses on the planning, financing and operation of photovoltaic systems, boasting some 160 PV systems with a combined peak power of 80 MW and investment volume of 200 million euros. Since 2012, Greenvesting has also been encouraging investment in green energy projects at home and abroad via crowdfunding.
  • LeihDeinerUmweltGeld, Germany’s first crowdfunding platform for sustainable energy, prides itself on giving small investors the opportunity to do good with their money while helping municipalities and SMEs get important projects funded. In addition to a variety of projects, the platform has helped finance two energy cooperatives with a total of 1.5 million euros.
  • GreenXmoney describes itself as a trading platform for green energy, where ordinary people can purchase their energy directly from the renewable energy projects of their choosing – thus cutting out the middleman.

Germany has long been a frontrunner in engaging its people with their energy and, more recently, the energy transition. Citizenergy is thus pleased to have further representation from the thriving German market. These four platforms thus make for especially exciting additions to the Citizenergy community.

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