Wilhelmstadt Gymnasium

The project concerns the replacement of an oil-based heating system with two combined heat and power (CHP) units, modernized condensing boilers, a local heat distribution network, transfer stations and modern control technology. A total of 891.7 tons CO2 are saved annually as a result. The school complex situated in the Wilhelmstadt district of Spandau accommodates a primary school, an integrated secondary school, a technical school and a secondary school. At the moment two boiler systems with a power output of 2,900 kW heat the complex. After 25 years of operation, the installed components as well as the heat distribution network are outdated and inefficient. The complex is supplied with power by a typical utility contract. The aim of the project is to replace the current oil-based heating system with a modern boiler plant. The two CHPs will cover the basic load of the heat demand as well as the electricity demand of the school complex and the tenants located on the property. The contracting company EDEC ED-ENERGY Contracting GmbH manages the renovations and operations.

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bettervest GmbH

bettervest is the world’s first crowd investing platform to realise energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects in small and medium size enterprises, non-governmental organisations and local authorities which are registered in Germany or Italy (soon Nigeria to come). Each project is analyzed by an independent energy consultant. Small investments (50-10.000 Euros) from a large group of crowd investors are collected on an escrow account until the investment volume of the project is reached and the energy- measures can be realized. Additionally, crowdfunding is a very good channel for marketing & CSR. A percentage of the energy costs saved is distributed annually to the crowd until the investment is paid fully back by the project owner. Our vision is to recognize, finance, realize and popularize every sustainable, CO2-reducing, and profitable energy project possible. bettervest wants to split the relative high initial cost for energy measures between many single investors. To shape an energy project in the future, we promote the awareness for energy-efficiency and renewable energy to private investors, SME, NGOs and local authorities by involving large crowds of "normal" citizens. The aim is to consolidate bettervest as the leading platform for the financing and communication regarding energy-efficiency and renewable energy measures. We have successfully funded 39 projects with 100 percent success rate. At the same time, we have also contributed in reducing CO2 by 1.479 tons year (as per June, 2016). Visit the webpage: https://www.bettervest.com/home

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€ 600,350

Total Investment

€ 810,000


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