Kedougou, Senegal

The systems provided in this project will bring light to over 800 people for reading and phone charging. Around 80 of them will also get a TV to enable access to information. You will get a first-hand opportunity to follow this project and see how it transforms people's lives in the Kedougou region in southeastern Senegal. Touba Solar Rama’s team has several years of off-grid experience in Africa and has provided SHSs to many customers. Until now they’ve focused on selling solar installations and back-up systems to businesses and off-grid customers through and up-front payment model. With the funding raised through TRINE they want to move to the Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model where customers can pay with on-going installments. Since the primary obstacle to solar energy access in rural Africa is the upfront costs, this model is crucial to enabling the spread of these systems to many areas. PAYG utilizes the fact that solar energy is cheaper over the long run than existing off-grid alternatives.

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The TRINE Way 1.2 billion people around the world currently lack access to electricity. TRINE seeks to solve this problem by closing the gap between private capital in developed countries and local solar partners in emerging markets. At TRINE we believe in profit with purpose. Our commitment to this principle stems from TRINE's founding goal: ending energy poverty. We realize that in order to end energy poverty, finding a sustainable long-term solution is key. The for-profit nature of TRINE as a business and our projects as investments means that our projects are economically viable and thereby ensures that together we can have a social and environmental impact in the long run. TRINE-financed projects will reduce CO2 emissions, reduce health costs, increase knowledge levels and reduce poverty. We've seen voting/democratic participation increase due to villagers being able to get accurate and swift information on election dates and locations. New entrepreneurial ventures pop up connected to the introduction of energy in the villages - such as fertilizer production and water sanitation. Today, we have 7 fully funded projects (350k EURO). Our success rate is 100% to-date.

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Power Capacity


Exp. Energy Generation

9 kWh


Participation Type


Crowd Investment Target

€ 32,000

Total Investment

€ 32,000


Start Date


Close Date