Lisbon Swedish School

Around 60 children and adolescents of Nordic origin study at the Lisbon Swedish School and thanks to this GoParity project they will be able to learn several ways to make spaces more environmentally friendly. The school wants to become greener and start producing 40% of the energy it consumes by installing 22 photovoltaic panels on its roof, with 6 kWp of power, which will produce 9 000 kwh per year. This self-sufficiency will prevent the emission of about 4.5 tons of CO2 annually, which would require 450 trees to be absorbed! But this project goes further and the amount to be raised on GoParity will also be used to implement other important changes: Energy Efficiency - 100 light bulbs will be replaced by LED light bulbs, which will reduce the school’s lighting consumption by 60% Consumption monitoring - installation of a device that allows the measurement of the energy consumed and produced at the school, as well as the identification of the areas where the consumption is higher and therefore can still be optimized Electricity procurement – finding a new electricity supplier with the aim of reducing the school’s electricity costs up to 7% Behavioural educational - organisation of multiple activities that aim to make the children of the Swedish School of Lisbon, aged between 1 and 15, aware of the importance of sustainability The promoter of this project is the Swedish School of Lisbon itself, for whom this educational part of the project is very important, since the school believes that the involvement of the students from an early age with environmental and sustainability related issues will positively influence their decisions and choices as adults. By investing in the Lisbon Swedish School project you will not only be investing your funds at a good rate, but you will also contribute to a special project that focuses on raising the awareness of young citizens to environmental issues in the production of clean energy.

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Parity is an investment platform for sustainable energy projects. We promote easy access to good investment opportunities and the outcomes and benefits are shared byt everyone involved. By connecting organisations that want to engage in energy projects with investors and the best installers in the market, Parity is shaping a new economy, showing the path to energy independency, creating jobs and fostering sustainable development. The idea of creating a platform and a marketplace where citizens could participate in the energy transition while benefiting from its economical characteristics started back in 2012 by our founders and their group of friends. Until now, before creating Parity we started Boa Energia - a renewable energy service enterprise; and Coopérnico - an energy cooperative that invests in PV systems for social associations. This two projects coupled with the Portuguese legislation change have given us the opportunity to start Parity. Our goal is unlock all those projects that have potential but never move forward due to lack of finance. With Parity on the table, ideas will become projects and everyone will benefit from them!

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Power Capacity


Exp. Energy Generation

9000 kWh


Participation Type


Crowd Investment Target

€ 12,100

Total Investment

€ 12,100


Start Date


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