Quinta Alma "off-grid" tourism

In the world class Aljezur – the best hidden pearl of Europe’s West Coast – a new ecological retreat opens for just a few. At Quinta Alma you will find a home where you can relax in glamorous handmade safari tents and get inspired by the amazing local natural landscape. Quinta Alma is a private and intimate natural ecological retreat. It is the result of Joana and Mario’s passion and their vision for an inspiring and relaxing experience in the nature. Quinta Alma is a growing organic farm. Here we are eager to try and share permaculture and natural building experiences, in total harmony with nature. Here the tents are simple, inspired in safari tends, you relax in conformable and well design shelters that allow a permeable contact with nature. The bathrooms are ecological and dry, water is not used and the compost is latter used to fertilize the land. The showers’ water is heated using the sun and its treatment is processed in a biodegradable way, being then used the water the plants. The 50 hectare land is totally of grid with self generation of electricity, using solar panels and all the water used comes from a local mine. Water management is one of the biggest challenges because it the most precious element and the droughts are becoming more frequent. To surpass this challenge of using and directing water efficiently, Quita Alma is going to build a lake between two beautiful slopes. This lake will serve has water storage for irrigation, eventual fire extinguishing and biodiversity booster. It will also be a new area for guests to relax and enjoy the natural environment. The three goals for this investment are: 1) Increase the solar photovoltaic capacity installed – used for self-consumption. 2) Recover the lake area – for better water management and guests use 3) Increase the number of available safari tents.

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Parity is an investment platform for sustainable energy projects. We promote easy access to good investment opportunities and the outcomes and benefits are shared byt everyone involved. By connecting organisations that want to engage in energy projects with investors and the best installers in the market, Parity is shaping a new economy, showing the path to energy independency, creating jobs and fostering sustainable development. The idea of creating a platform and a marketplace where citizens could participate in the energy transition while benefiting from its economical characteristics started back in 2012 by our founders and their group of friends. Until now, before creating Parity we started Boa Energia - a renewable energy service enterprise; and Coopérnico - an energy cooperative that invests in PV systems for social associations. This two projects coupled with the Portuguese legislation change have given us the opportunity to start Parity. Our goal is unlock all those projects that have potential but never move forward due to lack of finance. With Parity on the table, ideas will become projects and everyone will benefit from them!

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