Generation kWh – A novel way to fund the energy revolution


Generation kWh is a new way to easily and collectively generate your own renewable energy. The model paves the way for a future based on 100% renewables where energy generation is owned by the people – a future of “energy sovereignty” and “energy democracy”...

Latest Citizenergy Newsletter out!


Citizenergy’s latest newsletter is now out featuring Citizenergy’s new and improved website...

Personal investment choice survey results released


Crowdfundres, Citizenergy's partner project, has just released comprehensive results survey results on crowdfunding in the EU.

Solar roof for Portuguese charity funded in just seven days


Crowdfunding can have bring important social and environmental impacts at breathtaking speeds. This fact was recently demonstrated by the Citizenergy featured Fundação Irene Rolo project.

With crowdfunding, everybody can help fight climate change


Fighting climate change is the responsibility of the people and civil society....

European public in need of common EU framework on crowdfunding


Stakeholders of the Citizenergy platform for sustainable energy investment issue joint position paper

Crowdinvesting to fight climate change


It is no secret that the fight against climate change will take a good bit of investment...

ECrowd! joins Citizenergy with off-grid eco-resort Mar de Fulles


The Citizenergy team is thrilled to add an eco-resort to the array of featured sustainable energy projects open for investment.

Newsletter released as Citizenergy expands


Citizenergy’s latest newsletter is now out and it’s clear, a lot has been happening behind the scenes over the last several weeks.

Power up your pension with renewables


Fear of exposure to the risks of ‘stranded assets’ in the fossil fuel industry and the desire to ensure investments are not exacerbating climate change are leading more and more people to join the divestment movement and take control of their investments.