Newsletter released as Citizenergy expands


Citizenergy’s latest newsletter is now out and it’s clear, a lot has been happening behind the scenes over the last several weeks.

Power up your pension with renewables


Fear of exposure to the risks of ‘stranded assets’ in the fossil fuel industry and the desire to ensure investments are not exacerbating climate change are leading more and more people to join the divestment movement and take control of their investments.

Citizenergy welcomes first Croatian crowdfunding platform for sustainable energy


Citizenergy is happy to welcome Croenergy as its newest Featured Platform.

Citizenergy behind the scenes - video release


Filmmaker Adam Dzienis has released a short film giving the public a glimpse at the people and ideas behind the scenes of the Citizenergy project.

Citizenergy's first hydro project is online


Courteron is a small village on the Seine river, south of Troyes.

First Citizenergy newsletter now out


With the Citizenergy portal up and running, Citizenergy has just issued the first edition of its newsletter.

Money is power


The energy transition is not solely a technical transition from centralised fossil fuel production to decentralised renewable energies.

Lumo brings new project on board


Saint Secondin, France. French crowdfunding platform Lumo and official Citizenergy partner has just made a new project available to those looking to invest.

You know it's good when it's been crowdfunded


Citizens are being empowered. When we read the daily news it may not seem like it but the truth is that more and more things happen because citizens want it.

Citizenergy portal debut at the Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference in London


The Citizenergy portal made debut yesterday at the second edition of the Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference in London.