Citizenergy welcomes second Finnish addition


Joukon Voima is now the second Finnish crowdfunding platform after Invesdor to be featured on Citizenergy...

Citizenergy – last newsletter of 2016 out!


Citizenergy’s year-end newsletter is out, marking the second to the last newsletter before the Citizenergy project phase ends and the platform’s independence begins...

The advantages of debt-based crowdfunding for financing renewables


Environmental and otherwise sustainable projects often face difficulties attracting the necessary capital...

Tesla, let the crowd in


In an daring move to enahnce public engagement with renewable energies, Citizenergy's Boa Energia wrote an open letter to Elon Musk of Tesla...

Community energy’s “TripAdvisor” to award best contributor to sustainable energy future


Citizenergy platform hands 2016 Project of the Year Award voting to the crowd in celebration of first year online

Guidance on legal frameworks for crowdfunding


While cooperatives are more or less well-recognised throughout the EU as a legal entity, legal frameworks vary vastly from country to country, even within the European Union...

PajoPower and Parity – the two newest platforms on Citizenergy!


Citizenergy is increasing its reach on an almost weekly basis – this week’s inclusion of Belgium’s PajoPower and Portugal’s Parity are cases in point...

2016 Project of the Year Award – Call for projects by 20 Nov!


Citizenergy is happy to announce its 2016 Project of the Year Award, celebrating the portal’s first year online...

Ènostra and Invesdor: Two new additions to the Citizenergy family


Citizenergy is happy to announce the inclusion of two platforms: Finland’s equity crowdfunding portal, Invesdor and Italy’s ènostra energy cooperative...

Climate Summit side event: Financing the Paris Agreement


“Financing the Paris Agreement: Harnessing Crowdfunding Platforms for Low Carbon Development” will deal with questions of crowdfunding can be part of the answer to reaching climate goals, esepcially in the developing world.